What do men really do to get a woman turned on in bed? When do women get an orgasm and what are the reasons for taking almost forever for women to climax when compared to men? Is is a matter of size or not? Is there any underlying reasons apart from size?

The secret to being great in bed is not more than satisfying your woman. Once you achieve the goal of getting a woman to climax in bed, then you are good in bed. There are no mystery about getting a woman to the peak of her sexual pleasure but there are some things most men are either not aware of or not doing to their women to make them crave for more.

These tips are simple and easy to do but are capable of making her stick with you forever and ever. I called them rules because they must be followed if you want to satisfy your woman and leave her wanting for more.

Below are tips to maximally satisfy your women in bed.

1. Do not skip foreplay

Several men ignore foreplay and dive into the sex act in a hurry. This probably because they are extremely turned on and cannot afford to wait to enjoy the honey pot. However, skipping foreplay is capable of making the love making session short, thereby leaving little or not time for the woman to even enjoy the sex, let alone climax.

You also tend to finish fast while the sex could be painful for the woman when foreplay is skipped. Women love foreplay, and if you really want her to crave you more, always incorporate it into your sex sessions.

Foreplay can be focused on any zone, for instance the leg. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have perfect legs, the hotspots are still the same: toes, ankles, back of the knees.

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Start off at her toes, slowly massage her feet, toes and ankles, then move on to kissing and nibbling. Slowly move her legs, concentrating on the backs of the knees, which are highly sensitive. And when you gets to the top of her legs, switch to the thighs.

You also can tease her by moving from nibbling and kissing her ear, ear lobe and behind. This is because the patch of skin behind the ear is a real hotspot.

2. Communication is key

4 Sex Tips For Men Who Wants To Maximally Satisfy Their Women In Bed

Ever hear of the saying “women are moved by what they hear?”. Well, that’s very true. Men must realize that women are wired in a different way from them and as such must be handled as such. The most sexually sensitive part off the women folk is between their ears as opposed to in between the legs.

Don’t just continue jacking while remaining mute in the process. Your words carry weight during the action and is capable of helping the woman reaching orgasm faster. So, in essence, turn her on and make her extremely horny with your words before, during and after the sex.

Your communication with her after the sexual inter course is as important as that during the sex, it’s like a preparation for the next love making.

3. Avoid Finishing Too Fast

4 Sex Tips For Men Who Wants To Maximally Satisfy Their Women In Bed

Men tend to reach orgasm very early during sex than women will do. But you cannot afford to leave her unsatisfied every time as it is a big turn on for moist women. Let your focus be on satisfying your women rather than your own satisfaction and climaxing. With such mindset, you last longer during the sex act and there are higher chances of getting her to orgasm.

Again, remember rule no 1! Most women can achieve orgasm quickly from foreplay, within 10 minutes if you are expert in the act. For instance, some women can actually orgasm through ‘ear sex’.

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Ironically, most women have trouble reaching the peak of their enjoyment during intercourse, because you may not hit her G-spot in the process.

For instance, women’s G-spot, typically not within reach of most men, unless you pick the perfect position, or you are well endowed enough to reach it on your own.

4. Experiment new things

Sex should normally not be a routine else, the woman will get bored with time. The women folk is the definition of adventure especially in bed and they love trying out new sexual act to spice up love making.

As a man, see adventure in the bedroom as the spice of sex to bring out the best of any love making. Women are aggressive for new things and they love a man who can take control of the fantasies. Try new styles, ask what her curiosities are and try to satisfy them.

Women are different and unique being when it comes to sex, while it may take some time for them to reach orgasm unlike men who attain theirs pretty fast, a man still need to satisfy her woman in between the sheets.

By following the tips above, it is guaranteed that you are on your way to making your woman enjoy love making in an unusual way.

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