A common problem among couples nowadays is infertility. For many couples, having a baby becoming parents is a thing of joy and very interesting moment.

However, it is a different situation for those having difficulties in conceiving and fertility problems. Apart from physical, infertility can have financial and emotional effects on you.

A significant effect is also exerted on your relationship by infertility. Nowadays, you do not need to get worried as there are several facilities available to help people dealing fertility problems.

According to gynaecologist Dr Bandana Sodhi, “Infertility is quite common today. Nearly 15-20% of the population today is dealing with fertility problems. Along with poor living habits and poor quality of lifestyle, stress is the main reason why people are becoming infertile with each passing day. Couples have such schedules where they hardly get time to spend with each other. Stress can contribute to poor lifestyle and affect fertility to a great extent.

Ways to plan a pregnancy if your partner is infertile

Couples should work towards correcting infertility if a correctible cause is causing problems with fertility.

Correctible causes refer to health conditions in either the male or the female partner, which are preventing pregnancy.

Health conditions which cause infertility among females.

Ovulation problems

For instance, a women suffering from ovulation problems will find it difficulty in planning a pregnancy. But it is a correctible cause which can be treated with medications or inducing an ovulation.

Blockage in fallopian tubes

If there is any blockage in the fallopian tubes, doctors find out the cause of the blockage and treat it. A surgery can also be done to treat any blockage in the fallopian tubes.

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Uterus Anomaly

If there’s something anatomically wrong with uterus, like a septum, this too can be surgically corrected. There are many treatments for infertility available now

Ovarian Cyst

Some females are unable to get pregnant because of a cyst in the ovary. A number of women are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. These women find it difficult to get pregnant. So, this condition must be corrected.

Hormonal Disorder

Some women cannot get pregnant because their hormones go haywire. This condition can be corrected with medicines and pregnancy can be planned. So, factors which cause fertility should be evaluated and treated.

If none of these treatments work out, there are methods to get pregnant and couples need accept them with an open mind.

Other methods to get pregnant

Test tube babies and surrogacy are a few methods which help couples dealing with infertility successfully have a baby.

Factors that cause infertility in male

For men, the main issue of infertility is shown in the semen analysis. If the semen analysis shows that the sperm count is less than what is required for fertility, then there are medicines which can help in enhancing the sperm count. A trial of medications can be given to males which can help in improving their fertility.

Should in case the male partner has gone through a varicoceles surgery – which refers to enlarged veins in the testicular region, then their size can be reduced surgically as well. In some cases, there is no sperm production at all. Doctors try to find out the reason behind this obstruction. This is the time when couples resort to sperm banks for getting pregnant.

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From the above, infertility is, therefore, no longer a major causes for concern in the present.

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