No side effects, it is easily accessible, free and effective, helps you to feel better and prevent a lot of diseases. Do you know the “medicine” are we talking about? Sex!

No other “drug” has all these qualities as sex, without the disadvantages, but a lot of people still don’t know this.

Actually, sex is similar to that miraculous cure everyone keeps searching for: it revitalizes the body, relieves stress, excites the mind and, as if that wasn’t enough, is one of the best exercises available and also one of the most effective actions one can take to prevent many diseases.

A satisfactory sexual activity makes people feel happier and in harmony with their body and mind, diminishing the levels of stress and anxiety. The stress that usually affects us on a daily basis disappears when one takes this “revolutionary product”.

However, even today, talking about sex can still be very difficult because it involves the privacy of each person.

Nevertheless, it’s always easier to face sexuality and understand the advantages of sex if we know our bodies inside and out. That is why I have this nice infographic I came across to show you. It summarizes all the benefits that a regular sexual activity can have.

Having sexual intercourse causes a chain reaction which activates and awakes the whole body. It’s not only the sexual organs that undergoes changes in form and function, but the body’s reaction to sex also affects the vascular, neurological, muscular and hormonal fields positively.

Pleasure is just one of the good things that come with sex. Besides helping to delay the effects of aging, sexual satisfaction also helps in many other areas, such as preventing different types of diseases. Besides saving us from falling into a sedentary life, sex is considered one of the most effective prevention measures out there.

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Below is the infographic:


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