Not all great love stories started offline as evidences of great romance which kick-started on social media abound.

No fewer than 3 billion people are using social media all over the world and the number is increasing daily with advent of cheap smart phones and affordable internet data.

You might have come across phrases such as “slide into my DM” and wondered what it all entails. For those of you who aren’t aware, direct messages (DMs) are private messages that a social media user can send another another user of such platform.

Should in case you are trying to flirt with someone on social media, DMs offer one of the proven ways to do it.

How do you slide into DMs effectively without constituting nuisance to the person at the receiving end? Have you tried jumping into someone’s DM in the past but the experience turned sour? Well, you might be doing some things wrong that is making you look like a creep.

Want to slide into those DMs without receiving those usual cold responses? Then read on.

1. Slow and steady wins the race

To effectively slide into the DMs, the person must already knows you exist. Sliding into DMs of stranger, therefore requires you to start small and additionally, subtle.

It is important for you to start by “following” a stranger you are having a crush on first, on the chosen social media platform, before jumping into their DMs. This is a mistake most people make and they end up receiving cold or no response at all.

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So, if you’re crushing on a complete stranger, start by “following” that person on your chosen social media platform. Once you’ve followed the person, begin to “like” a few posts or pictures of the person. By so doing, your desired crush gets notification and begins to notice you. Continue to do this for a couple of times to bring you closer to your crush.

Be careful, however, not to over do it or it’s essence will be defeated. Don’t just like a dozen pictures at once because it may become a little annoying for your crush to see that someone has liked a bunch of their pictures in 30 seconds.

2. Use your words effectively

Once you’ve start liking their posts, it’s time to up your game by adding comments. For instance, compliment the form of your crush if the or she has a gym picture.

You can shower praise on other pictures in simple, yet loving manner. What else? Be hopeful your crush will respond to the compliments.

3. More questions with less compliments

After you have been noticed by your would-be boo in their mentions, and they’ve probably responded to your comments on their pictures, take the compliments slowly!

Send them a question via a DM, especially on what you have noticed on their profile or posts. Don’t just throw a pick-up line randomly at them.

If your crush has pictures from an “owanbe”, ask about the party. The idea is to start a private discussion, so use open ended questions that will give both of you room for lengthy discussion. Avoid, therefore, yes or no questions as it will shorten the time both of you will spend discussing online.

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Once you’ve started chatting, you are one step closer to getting your crush as you have become just two regular people having a normal conversation the same way you would if it were offline. It’s time to start taking your chances by sending cute emojis, and shooting your shot.

When you employ the above steps in sliding into DMs, there is an higher chance theodds would be in your favor.

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