Relationships are the essence of life. If not for the variety of relationships we have with loved ones, friends and family, life would never be interesting.

Imagine what life would look like of not for the exciting relationship we have with that very special person in our life.

Maintaining relationships is not always easy. In fact, it can be quite difficult. It takes time, patience and effort to preserve and develop the relationships with those who are most important to you.

Sometimes, you have to fight for the relationship when it goes through a difficult time. At other times, you may have to do things you could live without.

However, relationships may get to a point of no return where the persons involved part ways. People in a relationship may part was and yet still be in love. Here are some reasons why you still love your ex even though you’re both in new relationships?

1. True love

You had a true heart connection. Sometimes a relationship is true love, but other issues get in the way and cause it to end, even though the love lives on.

2. Addiction

If a love relationship triggers addictive behaviors, it can be just as difficult to get over as stopping smoking, drinking or other addictive situations.

3. Comfort levels

People who are together for any amount of time develop their own rhythm and comfort.

It can feel uncomfortable to be in a new space with a different person. Maybe you long for the familiar lifestyle you had before?

4. Regrets

Sometimes relationships ends with unfinished business or regrets. Those can trigger lots of thoughts about the ex-partner.

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5. Grief

Letting go of anything ranging from a partner to a job or possessions can trigger a period of grief where feelings of loss and absence create strong feelings for some.

6. Lost friendship

Some relationships are built on true friendship. Even if the relationship doesn’t work on other levels, it can sometimes be hard to say good-bye to a very good friend.

7. Eternal hope

Maybe deep down inside, you hope that you will have another chance and for whatever reason you can’t let go.

8. Dissatisfaction

It’s possible your new partner is lacking in some of the qualities you felt your ex had.

Maybe it was your choice to move on, or the choice of your ex, or mutual. However, sometimes when big decisions are made, doubt might hang in the balance for a while.

9. Jealousy

Sometimes when an ex moves on, even if we don’t want them for ourselves, we don’t want someone else to have them. That definitely is a very common way to feel.

Or as humans we tend to want what we don’t have anymore, even if it’s a good thing we moved on.

10. Transference

Sometimes when our lives don’t seem to be going the way we want, we may focus our attention on some outside event which we transfer blame to.

Maybe somewhere deep inside you question if your life would be different if you were still with your ex.

Or maybe you’re just having a hard time letting go, completely moving on or maybe you fear if you do, you will have to really focus on your new person.

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It could be a lot of other things which may not even be obvious to you on the surface.

Those things could be related to subconscious programming from your early childhood, family life or similar.

However, the fact you are aware of how you feel indicates you understand that you probably have unresolved feelings of some sort.

Maybe finding a therapist or relationship coach could help you sort through your feelings and get clean on them so you can either move on or decide to try and get back with your ex.

Source: Quora


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