In this part of the world, it is quite a common knowledge and even considered part of our culture that women are not very expressive when it comes to certain issues, like sex.

The reason for this may not be far fetched, women are practically wired to flatter the male, since a man lacking confidence can result in low self esteem and misery in a relationship.

There are, however, some other reasons why women don’t tell men a lot of things. It becomes even more complicated when it comes to sex, because this is regarded as sensitive and they feel too embarrassed to express themselves maximally.

Below are top 3 things women don’t tell their men even during the most intimate moments, but they wish they are aware of.

1. Sexual intercourse does not have to last for hours

You have probably seen it in movies, read it in print and non-print media or heard it from OAPs that men must have power to laat forever in bed, otherwise, he will be seen as a weakling.

What most women, however, don’t tell you is that this position is actually overrated. While sexual intercourse ought to last for at least a couple of minutes to have the woman start enjoying it, encounters that last more than 20 minutes can turn into a marathon that some women are not very comfortable with.

You must keep in mind that the vagina can only deliver that much lubrication and extending intercourse can really turn off a woman instead of pleasing her.

Of course, women don’t tell they do not like it when you go at it for an hour or so, because they think they will hurt your feelings. Therefore, do not believe just everything you see in adult movies. They just make it look that way.

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2. Rough sex is not a turn on for women

Wild sex can be a great turn on for your partner, but what women don’t tell men is that they do not like when they are extremely roughly handled, no matter how incredible their arousal is.

Pinching her nipples, too much friction, squeezing her buttocks too hard, can take a lot off her arousal. The body of a woman is really sensitive and they cannot be thrown in the back of the truck and taken roughly. Be a considerate lover and do not apply more force than needed; although some women don’t tell you they do not like it, they will be unhappy about it.

3. Orgasms are not everything

Yes! You read that right. Having your woman reach her climax seems to be your primary goal whenever you take your lover to bed. However, stressing too much on the importance of orgasms can be a huge mistake.

Women don’t tell you, but they are more into making love than having orgasm after orgasm. Sex is an emotional act for women and is not just meant to fill a physical need. May be I should hint the men that women like to masturbate, even if they do not orgasm, and the same is valid when they have sex with you.

Learn to live with the fact that a woman does not divulge everything to the man, but you must pay attention to the signs, and do not hesitate to ask her once in a while what they really like.

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